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Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the critics agree: The latest album kicks major ass. Read them.

"More Pakbet & Laing Days: The Ultimate Sago:" Esteemed poet-critic Marne Kilates' enlightening critique of TANSMFKPR

"... If only for that, apart from my bias for poets who are musicians besides, this group already ranks in my list. (How high? Secret.) ...I refer to their stylistic breadth, their big elephant ears always wide open and scanning the musical noosphere for new tunes and new ways for making and playing them, and having fun in the process. Which makes Sago more mature (if that’s a value in the music industry) than most of their contemporaries, and which adds both sting and sentiment to their wry and playful music-making.

"... It’s worth listening to Radioactive Sago if only for their literate allusions and quotations from the sources of their musical wanderlust.... My own enjoyment is taking the tour with them in their perambulations and peregrinations in strange landscapes, which is what I expect of musicians who I presume are as good a listener as myself (I like to think).

"...There should be a lot more coming from this group, outstandingly insane and like no other in the new Filipino music.
(Read the full article here)

Super pogi profile on Lourd on the Manila Times
Weekend edition

"....He was born with that low, full-bodied voice that was made for spoken word. It’s a voice far removed from his longhaired, bespectacled, extra-at-a-Tito-Vic-and-Joey-episode look, which is also perfect for the local beat scene. He is a rocker and, despite this, a pleasant guy. He has found his resonance among the masses while maintaining his credentials among intellectuals and culturati. He is what every geeky writer wants to be: Cool. But the man eschews the label: “‘Cool’ is a word that sends shivers down my spine." (read full story here)

It's not pop, rock, hiphop, kundiman or disco. So what is Radioactive Sago Project? One Philippines dissects the Sago sound

"... Now, after listening to Radioactive Sago Project’s third and latest album, the impression is that jazz, (or music synonymous to unpredictability) and psychiatry (or any science that treats mental disorders) are so connected like a pair of sharp scissors. ... The band makes no claim to it, but this writer thinks this is a jazz album in the sense that it is not pop, rock, hiphop, kundiman, disco, etc. It is not any of that… and yet it is all of that. Just listen, it’s all there.

"It’s new and fun to listen to. The spoken word lyrics are certainly more interesting than any State of the Nation address. And overall, it’s a ribald celebration of the absurdities of life in our beloved Pinas."
(read full article)

Fashionista album earns first ever Pulse perfect score

"... Sago’s third album is a truly Filipino album in the sense that it could’ve only been made by Filipinos, and can only be fully understood by Filipinos. Frontman/lyricist Lourd De Veyra makes his most literate commentaries by being illiterate (i.e. through deliberate repetition, profanity, ambiguity)... No other Filipino artist has had such lofty ambitions... Probably the best album we’ll hear this year..." (read full review)

Erwin Romulo's review on Rogue Magazine (coming soon!)

Top 10 Sago influences on Pulse.ph

So, if Radioactive Sago Project’s newest album was not fueled by today’s burning political issues, what was it fueled by? We have a list that includes Fela Kuti, punk rock, John Coltrane, Beach Boys, James Brown... (read the complete list)

Pulse: "Highly anticipated third album..."

".... It is a rather arresting album title, isn’t it?
It does make sense that if any local band would put our most colorful swearword on an album cover, Sago would be it. And it seems to say, this album is angry and bad-ass. Seems to, because, if you ask them, they’ll say, no the album isn’t necessarily angry, much less angrier, nor does the album title really mean anything... “It’s a cheap and vulgar strategy of attracting attention,” says Lourd. (read full story)

"The Best Filipino Album in 15 Years" -- Philmusic.com

The latest and the most vulgar to date, Tanginamo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Parin - is aggressive, ravaging and figuratively challenging.... truly a musical gem that deserves a wider access to the public. Not only is it one of the best albums of the last 15 years , but also an indication that fun and wit, self-expression and intelligent music could go altogether. It’s brilliant albums like these that makes me proud to be pinoy - a statement that’s almost an understatement in a country plagued by colonial mentality. (read full review)

"Look what the Mambo Rat dragged in:" Igan D' Bayan's review on The Philippine Star

Buti na lang may markang demonyo pa at
Radioactive Sago. How can anyone not dig a band that is original, experimental, bold, ballsy and blessed with a sick, twisted sense of Pinoy humor? ... Everything on "Andaming Nagugutom Sa Mundo" is brilliantly irreverent — from Louie Cordero’s sleeve art to Sago’s musical mélange (mambo, Afro-beat, avant-garde, jazz, noise) to Lourd’s observations on Filipino pap (not pop) culture... But despite its anomalous music, Radioactive Sago Project has managed to infiltrate a safe, staid OPM scene. The boys of Sago still manage to bring a lot of irreverence to rock n’ roll. (read full review)

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